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Websites are expensive…sometimes prohibitively so. For large companies the cost may be a drop in the bucket, but what about individuals or small businesses?

That’s where we come in.

Save time. Save money. Save yourself the headache.

At Ghost Leaf Design, we work closely with individuals and small businesses to help turn concept into reality. we’re committed to creating high quality websites for any budget, and we work hard to make the process as simple, affordable (and hopefully fun) as can be.

A bit about our process…

From conversation

Get in touch and tell us about your project. Our designer will listen to your ideas and ask some guided questions to better understand your overall vision…

To Concept

Based on your input, we put together an initial design concept for you to review. We’ll listen to your feedback, and make adjustments until we’ve got it just right…

To Design

Next we take this concept and begin making it yours. As we add images, content and design elements you’re website begins to come into focus…

To Launch

Once your website is looking sharp, we do a final audit with you to be sure everything is perfect. We don’t rest until your new site looks and feels just right.

What sets us apart…

Awesome service

We’re the friendliest. Seriously. Building a new site can be a little intimidating, and we know that. We’ll met you where you’re at, and provide guidance as you need it to make sure the process is as clear and painless as it can be. We understand that the design process is fluid, and often evolves as the project begins to take shape, and we will work closely with you until we’ve got it just right.


Most websites share a number of common pages and elements. We’ve created a library of fully customizable, reusable templates that we draw on to speed up the initial build. By using a blend of templates and custom coded sections, we are able to design something unique to your brand or vision while saving you money in the process.

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